Counsel FeaturesLayout Modes: You can choose between full-width layout and boxed mode.

Logo: Use a logo image or simply display your site title.

Business Card: Displays your motto, company name, address, contact details and social links.

Social Icons: Your business card can contain: facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, instagram, pinterest, tumblr, dribbble, youtube and rss icons.

Featured Slideshow: Show upto 10 slides with or without overlay text and buttons.

Icon Boxes: These 3 icon boxes are best for telling something about yourself.

Services: You can show upto 4 different services with there description underneath.

Employees: Show off your talent with images and upto 5 different social links.

Portfolio: Getting clients was never this easy when you have your own portfolio section which can contain upto 50 slides.

Homepage Templates: Choose between 2 different template that allow you to either display a corporate homepage or a simple blog.

Google Fonts: Why shy away from using more than 500+ Google fonts and becoming awesome.

Google Map: You get a separate widget and a contact page template that shows your current location on the google map which can be customized to show either roadmap, satellite, terrain or hybrid map.